‘More is more, and less is a bore.’

Ultimate experience with HoXper

HoXper specializes in the creation of themed indoor and outdoor spaces to create a unique home or holiday experience.

Home & holiday experience

You’ll find what you’re looking for at HoXper: original concepts for a unique home or holiday experience. We’ll add the emotion and experience, for you, your friends, family or customers. Do you have your own extravagant idea for your home or hotel, holiday park or resort? Our team will develop creative designs for your bespoke indoor and outdoor units. We love building your dream location. Discover the magic of HoXper!

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Ready to dive into a different world? An out-of-the-box concept for your home or hotel, restaurant or café? Get in touch with us. Our experienced team is at your service. 

Transform one or more rooms in your home with customised furniture and ingenious design? Amaze friends and family with a super-deluxe ‘party house’ in your garden? Put your hotel, holiday park or resort in the spotlight with an extravagant decor? We’ll carefully manage the high-end development of your bespoke indoor and outdoor units in your home, hotel, holiday park or resort, from creative concept right through to completion.

Your very own unique world

HoXper is the latest concept from PhiXion. Armed with 28 years of experience, PhiXion is an established name in the world of decors. Thanks to our track record, which includes impressive installations in the Guinness Book of World Records, for musicals and shows, not to mention the sensational staging for the largest and award winning festivals, we have strong foundations on which to develop the amazing experience of these magical events for you too.

Indoor and outdoor units

Keen to give a free space an original makeover? Do you dream of a man cave or a she shack? Then our indoor projects are the answer. We’ll bring your dream interior alive within the existing structure of your home. Prefer an impressive outdoor experience? We can help you with your outdoor projects. Needless to say, we always respect the building regulations and strict TÜV standard.

Lets’ do the magic

Customers love stories. We understand that at HoXper. That’s why we also offer unique concepts for a luxury holiday experience. Do you run a hotel, holiday park, resort or glamping? Do you have your own hospitality establishment? Give your image a boost with a unique themed interior or exterior. A fantastic holiday experience enhances your customer experience. Keen to know how we can help? 

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